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For all purposes, the parties agree on the following definitions:
- Company: Soltapotencial, Unipessoal, Lda .;
- Park: Airpark or Park, covered and uncovered, fenced and closed, with alarm, surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and with admission restricted to third parties, located in the area surrounding Lisbon airport or within a radius of 10 kilometers, without any prejudice to the customer;
- Client: Natural or legal person who will use the park under the conditions provided for in this agreement;
- Vehicle: Automobile vehicle of which the customer, in any legitimate way, has availability, not including any accessory goods not incorporated in it, and which are appropriate;
- Airport: Humberto Delgado International Airport (Lisbon), within a radius of 10 km the Parque Airpark is located.


The purpose of this contract is to make the Park's facilities available for the duration periods agreed between the Client and the Company, for daily periods and subject to the other conditions provided for in the following clauses.
Access to the Car Park is subject to the acceptance of the conditions stipulated in this regulation of “GENERAL RULES AND CONDITIONS OF AIRPARK OPERATION”


1. This contract will have the duration agreed in each case between the Client and the Company, without prejudice to this period being able to be extended, by means of a prior written communication of at least 24 hours. 10 euros a day.

2. The reservation must always be paid in full, with a fee of 10 euros in the event that the Client terminates the reservation earlier, except for exceptions of prior written communication at least 24 hours.

3. Cancellations must be communicated in writing 24 hours in advance, with a penalty of 50% of the reservation without it.

1. Without prejudice to the others provided for in this Agreement, with the subscription thereof, the following benefits will be guaranteed to the Client:
a) Guard of the vehicle on the premises of the Park, for the duration of this Agreement;
b) The collection and delivery of the Client's Vehicle at the Airport, with a minimum advance notice of 2 hours (which may be less in advance, with an emergency fee of 10 euros being applied), to be carried out by Company employees, duly qualified for the It is made;
c) Washing the vehicle, as long as specifically requested by the Customer, or offered by the Company;
e) Vehicle repairs, as specifically requested by the Customer.

2. The attribution of the benefits conferred in the previous point assumes that:
a) The Client will be given the vehicle key by the Client to qualified representatives of the Company, upon collection at the Airport, which will be parked at the Park's facilities;
b) Qualified employees of the Company may, at any time, proceed with the movement of the Vehicle, within the Park enclosure, in order to allow the movement of other vehicles that in the meantime are picked up by other Customers, or, in any case, allow the optimization of the park's parking spaces;
c) Authorization to drive the vehicle on the public road, by Company employees, this authorization being valid for the journey between the Park and the Airport, and even in exceptional cases (roadblocks, heavy traffic, police diversion, etc.) be moved on another path.


1) The collection of the vehicle will depend on the procedure agreed between the Client and the Park, in one of the following modalities:
a) Prior indication, made at the time of booking, by telephone or online communication or via e-mail, indicating the date and time when the Client's return will be made, with an indication of the delivery method to the duly qualified employees at the Airport , in uniform and identified, always observing the check-in procedures referred to in clause 8;
b) In the absence of any of the previous procedures provided for in the previous point, the collection of the Vehicle may also be made by communication to one of the Company's duly identified employees, present at the Airport, or by telephone contact to the Company. The Customer accepts that, in this case, the vehicle's pick-up procedure may be delayed and an emergency fee of 10 euros applied;
2) The price to be paid by the Customer will be the one shown in the price table displayed on the website and previously known to the Customer, and will correspond to the number of days multiplied by each daily tariff, without fractions. Payment will be made upon delivery of the vehicle taking into account the park and additional services chosen and the period of use used.


The Client undertakes before the Company to:
a) Deliver the vehicle in full mechanical condition (including tires and brakes), in full working order and with all technical revisions and inspections, as well as with all legally required documentation, which properly labels the vehicle's availability by Client and his travel by the Company's employees in accordance with clause 4.1 b). Delivery must be made by handing over vehicle keys that allow access to the vehicle, the alarm command if it is autonomous and any other command that allows disabling the alarm if necessary;
b) Allow access to the interior of the Vehicle and the driving of it by Company employees, under the terms and for the purposes of clause 4.2 b);

c) Authorize the use of Vehicle insurance during the journey between the Airport and the Park and vice versa;
d) Any other access to the Vehicle is excluded, with the exception of situations resulting from orders originating from entities with powers of authority, namely, the Police and judicial officials or with powers of public order;
e) Carry out the check-in and check-out procedures provided for in clause 8, subscribing to the corresponding documentation;
f) Authorize the Park, through its employees, to remove from the Vehicle, after delivery, any element incorporated in it, but easily detachable, such as antennas and other auto accessories, which must be replaced in the vehicle at the time of lifting this ;
g) Pay the price of the services covered by this contract in accordance with the price list at each time in force.


Upon failure to fulfill the Client's obligations, described in clause 6, the Client may suffer the penalty of:

a) Vehicle without mandatory periodic inspection, penalty of 80 euros (the Park is not responsible for any accident suffered with the vehicle);

b) Vehicle without insurance, penalty of 80 euros (the Park is not responsible for any accident suffered with the vehicle);

c) Vehicle without fuel, penalty of 30 euros plus the amount of fuel placed in the vehicle;

d) Vehicle without documents, penalty of 30 euros;

e) Vehicle without key, penalty of 30 euros plus the value of the trailer.

1) The delivery of the Vehicle for collection at the Airport will observe the following:
a) The Customer must deliver the Vehicle without any goods that are not an integral part of it, whether in the cabin or in the luggage compartment, visible or not, namely equipment, radios, computers, cameras, clothes, or any other physically appropriate item;
b) The representative of the Park must proceed with a check-in of the Vehicle, in which an inspection will be made to the exterior of the same, in order to record the mileage, damage, wear or defects existing at the date of delivery, which registration will keep the company for up to 2 years;
c) The Client must proceed with the signature of the document provided by the Company, in which he declares that he does not leave any objects in the Vehicle, including those referred to in paragraph a), and that confirms the Mileage of the Vehicle and other facts that may be relevant for the purposes of responsibility of the Park;
2) The receipt of the vehicle by the Customer, will be preceded by a check-out, with an inspection by the Customer and the Company's representative, in order to confirm the vehicle's mileage, the absence of damage or any liability on the part of the Company. Any claim that the Client intends to make must be made at the Company's premises, at the Airpark;
3) Taking into account the reception and check-out to be carried out under the terms of the previous clause, any complaints that the Client may present regarding damages or deficiencies must be sent upon receipt of the Vehicle, under penalty of forfeiting the right of the Customer complain.


1) The Company will be responsible to the Client for damages that are caused by its employees, strictly in the following cases:
a) Damage caused to the Vehicle as a result of handling within the Park for the purposes provided for in clause 4.2 b) and c);
b) Any other damages resulting from illicit acts with intent or serious fault on the part of employees and representatives or agents of the Company and whose responsibility cannot be the object of exclusion under the terms of clause 8.2 or the viewing of closed circuit images owned by the Company;
2) The Company's liability is expressly excluded when it comes to:
a) Damage suffered by the Client in relation to theft of any goods that remained in the vehicle after its delivery, in breach of the provisions of clause 8.1 a);
b) Any electrical, mechanical or wear damage resulting from continuous use
the vehicle;
c) Any damage caused by third parties as a result of their illegitimate intrusion into the Park, despite the fencing, alarm and surveillance systems
assembled, or for natural causes that cannot be avoided by the Company;

d) Broken glass, windshield or other damaged glass;

e) Damaged or punctured tires.

1. The Client will be responsible for any fines, fines, or responsibilities that the Company has to pay due to any irregularity verified in the Vehicle, in its documentation or in its ownership.
2. In the event of non-payment by the Client of the contracted price or with any other expenses borne by the company, this right of retention on the vehicle (cf. Art. 755 n.1 al.e) of the Civil Code), which it will be released as soon as the amount owed is fully paid, which will include the price due due to the increase in the parking days of the vehicle, taxed at 10 euros daily and plus interest on late payments.
3. Any written complaint made by the customer must be made in accordance with the provisions of clause 8.2 and 8.3.


The data collected about the Client is also intended to comply with legal obligations and use in contractual relations with Insurance Companies, Banks and other Institutions, and the Company undertakes to keep strict confidentiality on all data, reserving access to them exclusively. necessary for your normal activity. The respective holder is guaranteed the right to access and rectify them.


1. Any expression with the purpose of denigrating without foundation the image of the company subject its Author to the rules of Criminal and Civil Liability and for the damages caused.
2. The company is not responsible for accidents, any illicit or criminal damages caused to parked vehicles, nor for the disappearance of objects inside the vehicles, for theft or theft or for natural disasters, such as falling trees, etc., as well as other unintended damages that may occur.
3. Complaints regarding the car park can be registered in the complaints book.


1. In the event of a possible dispute (Law No. 144/2015, of 8 September), consumers should resort to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity, with the Lisbon Arbitration Center for Consumer Disputes competent for act in contracts signed in the Municipality of Lisbon.
2. As an alternative to the one referred to in no. 1, sign an arbitration commitment - LAW OF VOLUNTARY ARBITRATION - Law 63/2011 of 14 December.





This legal notice establishes the conditions for the use of the “ ” web space that Soltapotencial Unip. Lda, (hereinafter, Company Name), with registered address at Rua Particular, Quinta de Santa Rosa, nº12, 2680-583, Camarate, Lisbon, email, with tax identification number 514164778 and registered at the Conservatório do Lisbon Commercial Registry.
Access to the web space is attributed to a User and implies acceptance, full and without reservations, by the User of each and every one of the conditions present in this Legal Notice.
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The data, texts, information, graphics and links published on this website are compiled for purely informational purposes for all people interested in them, without their access giving rise to a commercial, contractual or professional relationship between the User and the company. In case of discrepancy between the information contained on the web and that contained on paper, the latter will prevail. The company reserves the right to modify the contents of the web domain without prior notice.
The hyperlinks and hypertexts to which you access through this web space and which provide services offered by third parties, do not belong or are under the control of the company, so the company is not responsible for the information contained therein or for any effect that may arise that information.
Please note that the data included in this form, as provided for in Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection, will be part of an automated file under the company's responsibility, in compliance with the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION LAW 67 / 98 OF 24 October and Law 41/2004 OF 12 July on Privacy protection in the Electronic Communications sector.
The purpose of data collection is to inform interested parties about the company, its services and / or products. If you refuse to communicate the data, it will be impossible to give information.
You will be able to send your communications and exercise the rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition through the email or postal address at the address indicated above.
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The User may not, under any conditions, introduce any type of virus into the web domain as well as try to access its data, modify it, access its mail accounts, messages and others.
The company does not guarantee the quality, accuracy, reliability, correctness or morality of the data, programs, information or options, whatever their origin, that circulate on its network or networks that the User accesses through the web. The Client expressly accepts to keep the company exempt from any responsibility related to the web. The User assumes as his exclusive responsibility the consequences, damages or actions that may derive from the access to the referred contents as well as its reproduction or diffusion.
The company will not be responsible for infractions committed by any User that affect the rights of other Web Users, or third parties, including the rights of copyright, trademarks, patents, information, confidentiality and any other intellectual or industrial property right.
The company will use civil or criminal actions that by law correspond to any misuse of its web domain. Disputes that may arise in this area will be governed by Spanish law and submitted to competent juries and courts in the Lisbon region.



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